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Dynad 1384 - Av. Brig. Faria Lima, Sao Paulo/SP, Brazil. Click to view in Google Map >>
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DynAd is a complete suite for Ad Serving & Dynamic Content Optimization for Advertisers and Publishers


Retailer Ad Serving

A really simple and powerful dynamic content
ad server specially developed for retailers.
DCO - Dynamic Creative Optimization
Proven increased click through rate (CTR)
using DynAd DCO & Retargeting

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DynAd Private Auction

Instead of advertisers look for retargeters on publishers, we do publishers choose the best advertiser for each audience
Smart Carousel
Dynamic carousel with Retargeting and "Look Alike" technologies for publishers value their inventory.

What We Do

Our team are made by tech enthusiasts and people
engaged on to always be innovating.

DynAd is a perfect Ad Server for Retailers. Extremilly flexible and reliable, DynAd Boost your display campaigns with all best practices of Retargeting and Dynamic Creatives.
DynAd reverses the retargeting process. Now is the Publisher that seeks the Best Advertiser. Without intermediaries, publisher inventory is More Valuable and Cheaper for customers.
Through Retargeting Algorithms and Collaborative Information, DynAd create automated dynamic ads with the Greatest Recomendations to Convert Sales

We expect to start a long and healthy business relationship
with international performance companies, contact us


The Top 10 Retailers Advertisersare our customers in Brazil

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